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A place related to fishing – Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

The one thing that all good bass fishermen know about bass is that they like to hide. They will often hide in a quiet, sheltered spot or behind a weed bed. The only way to really find them is to fish where they are. The first and most important part of bass fishing is putting your bait where the fish are located in a place related to fishing. This will help to keep the bass from wandering from one area to another, which could ruin your day. To do this, you need to locate cover at the bottom of the water where you plan to fish. Cover can come in so many different types such as rock, dirt, boat docks, vegetation, and even water lilies. It just depends on your situation, what type of bass you are targeting, and were in the water you are going to be fishing.

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Before you get on your boat and start bass fishing, it is a good idea to set up a few areas where you can take your time while fishing without being disturbed. For example, if you have some weeds close to your boat or some rock to rest your rod on, this could be a great place to go. But, if you are just setting up a new system or hook, this would not be a good place. Remember, no one wants to have a loud argument about the location of their fish trap!


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