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Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Tree Removal Look Amazing

Imagine the day that you look out and find a tree in your yard that looks like it is about to fall.  You know that you need to get this tree removed quickly before damage can be done or someone gets injured, but you do not want to have an unsightly stump on your property for months after.

However, there are professional services that will come and remove any type of tree from your area—and these services offer many benefits for homeowners. Before hiring one of these companies, be sure to learn more by reading through these nine secrets about getting rid of trees. By knowing what options are available to you, you may feel better prepared when making this decision for removal.

1) One-time fee vs monthly fees

Tree removal companies offer both one-time fees and monthly plans that may be better for you. A one-time fee is beneficial because it only requires payment when the tree is taken down. However, if you feel more comfortable with an agreement where they come to take care of your trees every so often, then you should look into this option.

2) Understanding how many stumps will remain

When a tree is removed from the property, generally one to three stumps will remain after the process. Although some people choose to remove these themselves, it can cost additional money and time. When hiring a company for this service, get clear information about whether or not all of the stumps will be completely gone after removal.

3) The equipment that will be used

Another aspect of tree removal is understanding the type of equipment that will be involved in this process. Although different companies may use their trucks and tools, some common ones include chippers, stump grinders, crane trucks for large trees and bucket trucks. Look into what these are and how they work so you can make a clear decision about whether or not you want to hire such a company.

4) Removal vs cutting method

The method by which a tree is removed can determine what services are needed. For example, when only the bottom part of the trunk remains, then your property does not require complete removal. On the other hand, you may need an entire removal if there is no one way for it to fall. Be sure to ask about this before hiring any tree removal company.

5) The stump removal process

One of the worst parts of having a tree come down is not knowing what to expect after stumps are left. While some companies will grind up these remnants, others may leave them in place and offer additional services for you to remove them later on. To avoid paying extra money, search for information about how they handle stumps when removing trees from your property.

6) The number of trees that need to be removed

Although one tree may look nice when it is in your yard, many homeowners choose to have several taken down at a time. Keep this in mind so you can budget accordingly and figure out which price plan would be best for you.

7) How the surrounding area will be treated

After your trees have been removed, you want to make sure that the surrounding area is handled in a way so it does not become an issue. Some common methods include stump grinding, fertilizer use and planting new grass seed. Ask about which ones are included with their service so you can get exactly what you need.

8) The cost of additional services

Although you may think that tree removal companies only offer a one-time fee or monthly plans, some offer additional options that homeowners may find more valuable. For example, many of the top professionals also provide stump removal and fertilization services if needed. When researching tree removal companies, look into whether or not they offer additional services and how much extra they will cost you.

9) Scheduling and making a decision

When calling around to get more information about tree removal, many companies will make themselves available for appointments and ask about your timeline. That said, choosing the right company is all about finding one that fits your schedule and specific needs. Take advantage of this time frame to carefully evaluate which ones seem like the best fit so you can choose one confidently. 

Now that you’ve learned these 9 secrets to make your tree removal look amazing, it would be best to read our next article about what is an arborist and why you need one.


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