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Small Package Audit – The Dos And Don’ts Of Small Parcel Auditing

Parcel Audit is the procedure of examining shipping bills for non-payment and other possible billing errors. Every shipment tendered for a large parcel carrier such as UPS and FedEx come wit service contracts outlined in their tariffs or service manuals. All airlines are required to supply Small Package Audit services, which are conducted by third-party auditors who verify the commercial carrier’s capability to accept and make payment for Parcels under contract.

Small Package Audit –  Who verify the commercial carrier’s capability to accept?

While the majority of companies are familiar with small parcel auditing concepts, not all are familiar with the full scope of Parcel Audit. Small business owners may not have had a thorough understanding until recently, because most small carriers do not offer complete parcel auditing services. The benefits of Parcel Audit extend beyond simply reducing lost revenue due to incorrect billing. For small businesses, auditing small packages helps prevent third party charges from eroding profits. For large corporations, it ensures that their contracts to manage proper management of their assets and protects from loss due to misuse, mispricing, and fraudulent billing.

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