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How To Choose The Perfect Place For Your Flower Shop Business?

This once rightful florist from Kota Kinabalu says that after so many years in the flower business, the mere sight of fresh flowers will literally make them go goosebumps for the day! “Flowers from Kota Kinabalu are amongst the exotic flowers in the world. The exoticness and uniqueness of these flowers make them an extremely popular choice for many flower shops in Sabah and beyond,” explains Florina Florist. The passion for these fluffed up flowers is certainly not the only thing that takes to become a favorite among Kota Kinabalu flower shop owners. “These flowers simply exude class,” adds Florina. Read more

Flower Shops – Your One Stop Shop to Your Flower Needs!

Florina explains that it wasn’t too long ago when she had her first customer in Sabah who was so taken with the beauty and fragrance of these flowers that she purchased a whole bouquet just for herself. “It took me a while to decide what to put in this bouquet.

After careful consideration, I decided to make a simple combination of pink and white roses and ended up making a full blown floral bouquet out of just those two flowers. Needless to say, my customer loved them. She requested that I make similar flower bouquets for her on many occasions.


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