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Why People Like a Pillow Side Sleeper Sofa

The pillow side sleeper is a common position for which people have been using couches. A lot of people like this position because of the comfort it provides and also the versatility, since it can be used in any position. As was mentioned before, there are two types of these so-called sleeper sofas, one being the full size version and the other being the small one. Full-size ones are obviously going to be bigger than the smaller ones. They have slats or slat widths of up to six inches, while the smaller ones will have slats width of just four inches. Both the full-size and the smaller ones will have pillow shams or cushions on them. Read more –

Why People Like a Pillow Side Sleeper Sofa

There are a number of reasons why people love the so-called pillow side sleeper. One is that, it is very comfortable to sleep on. This is because there is no awkward angle created by the curve of the neck against the back of the couch. In fact, a lot of people actually report having a much more relaxed and peaceful sleep because of this position. For people who often have to sleep on their side, this is the best position to sleep in.

There is also a distinct advantage with using this kind of sleeper for your couches. If you are going to place your bed for example on the floor, chances are high that it will be destroyed over time due to foot traffic. However, if you are using one of these sofas, you don’t have to worry about that at all, since you will be sleeping with your feet on the ground, so this is very convenient and ideal. With the use of a pillow, you will also be able to maximize the space in your living room, as the sleeper will take up the least space and will give you enough room for your other furniture as well.


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