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Pool Designs: What To Avoid

    It seems not a week goes by without someone asking us to build them an in-ground pool. When I work with my designer, he always comes up with ideas that are innovative and unique. However, many times people come up with their ideas, which are often too complicated for our crew to manage or just plain silly. Here are some of the most common pitfalls when designing your backyard dream pool.

  1. Moving Water

I want this feature…It will make everything better!    A water feature can be very relaxing and therapeutic however there is only so much one person can take before they scream “Ok… enough already! Quit it!” We have had clients ask for climbing walls filled with moving water or even a whirlpool feature next to their hot tub.

These are not easy things for us to accomplish without great difficulty and expense. There are ways to incorporate moving water into your pool that is less complicated however if you want a waterfall or two then it’s best to look at one of our pre-designed pools, which will already have these options built in.

  1. The Rock Climbing Wall

Oh, man! My friends would love this. Are you sure I can’t have one?    As much as the thought of climbing around your pool seems like fun, there is always someone who wants more than what you bargained for when designing your pool.

On top of the added cost and complexity, there is virtually no place to attach the climbing wall to the pool. People will often come up with their idea of attaching plexiglass or some other material to their pool steps or ledge which just looks tacky, not leaving much room for it to be functional. We do our best to discourage this type of request as it’s too costly and impractical compared to just enjoying your existing pool features.

  1. The Moonwalk

I want a giant pool bouncy house that I can swim in! Swimming pools are not something you could bounce on until you turn blue…even if they were designed for this purpose (which they aren’t). No matter how much fun it would be, there is always someone who wants an inflatable castle built in their pool.

If this is what you want, we do offer a custom in-ground or above ground pool with this feature built-in however, it’s not the type of thing you’ll be able to utilize year-round.

  1. The Inflatable Pool

I think I can fit an inflatable one into my backyard, right? Inflatable pools are great for kids and people who don’t have permanent access to a pool but they typically get pretty boring after a while.

As nice as it would be to have a plastic kiddie pool next to your real swimming pool, most adults aren’t going to get much enjoyment out of it. You can easily add a kiddie area with some decking around it to your pre-designed pool however the inflatable pools are better suited for renters or temporary access.

  1. The Pool House

I want a special place where I can relax by the edge of my pool…don’t you think that would be awesome?   A pool house might seem like an amazing idea but they can take away from the overall look of your backyard oasis if not built with care.

Since most people don’t have unlimited options, designing a special spot with windows that overlook your pool is ideal however just keep in mind that you will have to live with it for years down the road so make sure it’s something you will appreciate over time.

It’s also best if you design this area as part of your pool instead of tacking it on later. This way you can enjoy some shade by the edge of your pool without having to look at an eyesore pool house taking up all your yard space.

  1. A Wetbar for Every Pool


I want a wet bar in my kitchen, living room and bedroom…is that too much to ask?   I guess if you had enough money this would be ideal however it is probably not very practical especially since people will sometimes go overboard with this idea.

Would everyone use a wet bar next to their pool or hot tub? Most times we deal with clients who have more than one webinar throughout their house and it’s only used a handful of times per year when they have guests over.

Keeping all these things in mind, we do offer a custom swimming pool design service through our online store and we’d be happy to give you some advice on where you might want to consider adding certain types of features or areas for relaxation. For more information, check out and start designing your perfect backyard oasis today!


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