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What To Think When Picking The Best Ring

Is it about time to start ring shopping? Congratulations! Buying an engagement ring and tailoring up for the proposal is an insanely exciting time, and it’s simple to get caught up in the love, but keep in mind: An engagement ring is normally a significant cost, so you desire to make sure you do it.

Whether you’ll be scouting out rings together or you’re heading out to go shopping solo, this extensive guide is essential to discovering the best engagement ring for your significant other.

Limit What Forming You Want

If you understand what your loved one wants in terms of diamond shape, that helps focus the engagement ring hunt tremendously. Every shape (also called a cut) is priced differently– and each has a various cost per carat. Round cuts are the most pricey whereas pear and marquise are less so. If the size is necessary to you, you can get more carats at a better rate when you select an alternative shape to the classic round cut. Before going out to shop for an engagement ring, study up on ring cuts and have one (or more) favourites in mind.

Provide Yourselves Time

We advise you to begin your wedding ring search a good 3-4 months before your big day – if not earlier – so that you have plenty of time to decide. If we need to purchase your ring in, or if your ring ends up being a bespoke wedding ring for men design, then that can add time to the whole process.

Think About Buying Your Ring And Your Bands Together

If you choose to be surprised by the engagement ring, this might not work, however knowing what bands go with the engagement ring can assist you make a choice. If you have a special engagement ring, you may want an easy, no-fuss band, whereas a basic engagement ring might call for the included sparkle of a diamond pavĂ© band. If you’re preparing to use your engagement and wedding ring side by side, 24/7, look for a shape or shadow band developed to interlock with the matching engagement ring.

Select Your Budget Plan

When shopping, selecting your budget at the start can help you decide on your rings and not get side-tracked. It is normally advised to set aside about 3% to 5% of your total wedding budget plan for your wedding event rings.

To make your budget stretch, you can experiment with the ring metal and styles. For example, pick a half eternity instead of a complete eternity band as it will cost less yet will not make a huge distinction to the appearance of your ring. Another example would be to select white gold over platinum, as they both look white but similar gold is more affordable.

Consider Your Way Of Life

While this may seem like an apparent point, many people forget to remember that the wedding ring they select ought to fit their way of life. Considering that this is a piece of fashion jewellery that you will use every day for a lifetime, it must fit your way of life to guarantee that it lasts a lifetime.

The ring you purchase must be stylish but also useful. If you have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle or are exposed to lots of chemicals, your ring should be difficult enough to stand up to that sort of exposure. Take this into consideration when selecting your metal and design and ensure you check this with your jeweller before you buy.

Find The Ring Size

Amongst the other engagement ring tips, another important factor to think about is to make sure the ring is sized completely from the moment you slip it onto her finger.

If you would like to keep the proposition a trick and you do not understand her ring size you can rely on our secret guide to determine her ring size for some useful pointers– like how to measure her ring size without her seeing. When you get down on one knee, our ring size guide will help you plan the best proposal without providing the surprise away so you can sweep her off her feet.

Know Your 4Cs: Carat, Colour, Cut And Clearness

This is an essential one. You need to develop what components are essential to you and what you want to pay more for.

Contrary to common belief, a carat is not the size of a diamond. It is, however, the weight. The value of a diamond is based upon its weight, cut, clarity, and colour. The cut of the diamond doesn’t just describe the shape, but also the accuracy and completion outcome of the diamond’s capability to show light. A well-cut diamond provides it with the sparkle that is widely searched for. It takes many years of study and skill to get the angles and percentages ideal to harness a rough diamond’s internal sparkle.

Get It Accredited And Protected!

An engagement ring is probably one of the most significant purchases of a young couple’s life and it is very important to get it insured and accredited. Accreditation ensures the worth of the ring and insurance coverage is always a must!


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