10 Things Not To Forget On Your Wedding Day

You probably already know that you’ll have a lot of stuff to bring to the wedding because you have large plastic containers of decorations and a long shopping list. Even while you should take care not to forget anything, some things simply must not be left behind. If you double-check this list before leaving for the ceremony, you won’t forget anything important.

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Planning a wedding can be both thrilling and stressful. You want everything about your wedding to be perfect, so careful planning is essential. In the end, there are only a handful of things that must be included in your event. This checklist of the top ten items you shouldn’t leave out on your big day is a great place to begin.

1. Attire And Extras For The Wedding

The stress of planning a wedding can make it easy to forget essential details like favours. But it’s the little things that set your wedding apart. The dress is something you won’t forget, but accessories like shoes and jewellery are easy to overlook. Write down whatever you’re wearing and cross it off the list as you stow it away.

Dress and tuxedo or suit are two things most people won’t forget about on their wedding day, but keeping track of everything else might be challenging.

There are many components to a suit or tuxedo; don’t forget the pocket square, tie, or dress socks! Some of the jewellery and other items worn on the big day may be priceless heirlooms. Don’t forget the little things, including earrings, cufflinks, hair jewellery, pearls, and the bridal veil.

2. Couples’ Promise Bands

As a traditional part of the wedding ritual, exchanging wedding rings (or wedding bands) is done to signify the couple’s commitment to one another in marriage. Both rings are worn together as a symbol of eternal love and commitment; they are typically welded to form a single unit or created as a matching bridal set.

Although it is possible to get married without exchanging rings, this is a significant aspect of the ceremony that should not be overlooked. Plan to ensure the wedding bands are not lost in the shuffle by assigning a dedicated person to be in charge of transport. Since you’ve been used to showing off just your engagement ring, it’s easy to overlook the other band. But they serve an important function during the ritual!

3. Legalization Of The Wedding

A marriage license is required for a wedding to be legally recognized as the beginning of a marriage, otherwise, it is merely a fancy celebration. Both you and your soon-to-be spouse must sign the document, as well as the certifier of marriage and two witnesses. When getting married, many couples choose to sign the legal paperwork right after the minister makes the official proclamation.

Legally, you and your intended spouse cannot wed unless you both possess a marriage license. In addition, it serves as official certification that you meet all requirements for a valid marriage. Don’t forget that you’re not simply getting married for show; you have to get married legally. After saying “I do,” have the document ready to sign.

4. Timeline For The Big Day

It’s crucial to establish a distinct schedule for the wedding party and any other friends, family, or suppliers who are helping you get ready for the big day. Keeping your travel plans in your head is perilous, so it’s better to have hard copies.

If you follow the plan, you can relax and enjoy the day without worrying about who needs to be where and when.

5. Details For Reaching Wedding Providers

A planner is one of the most important service providers you may hire. Why? A wedding planner does more than just help you stay on track with your budget and on schedule for your big day.

Assume the best and that your suppliers will arrive promptly. Make sure you have a list of vendor contact information available so you can get in touch promptly if there is a no-show or any confusion. Assuming everything goes as planned, you shouldn’t have to call them, but it’s always good to have their contact info on hand just in case.

6. Money And Gratuities

It is usual to leave gratuities for service providers. To save time at tip time, put money in envelopes and label them with each vendor’s name before the event. Pick someone reliable to keep the envelopes safe and distribute them to the service providers as needed. Before the wedding, have a family member take care of the tips by putting them in envelopes. You may relax and enjoy the party as they distribute them.

7. Packing For A Romantic Honeymoon, Nighttime

Be prepared to leave immediately following the reception for your honeymoon by having all of your belongings packed and in a convenient location, staying nearby for the night. Bring only the bag containing your overnight necessities to save yourself the trouble of lugging in your main suitcase as well. Don’t forget to wear shoes that will allow you to dance for hours.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you cannot (and should not) go home in your wedding dress. You may want to pack one extra outfit for the morning after or for travelling on your honeymoon. Bring everything you need for a long trip if you plan on leaving soon after the wedding.

8. Snacks And Drinks

The day of your wedding will fly by if you let yourself be distracted by the onslaught of well-wishes from your guests. Since most couples won’t have time to relax and enjoy a meal before or after the big event, it’s smart to pack some additional snacks and drinks in your overnight bag. Don’t expect your wedding party to go hungry as they attend to your every need, so be sure to provide for their needs as well.

Due to the hectic pace of visiting with friends and family, you may not have time to sit down for a proper meal at the reception. Keep some granola bars in your purse and an overnight bag for the inevitable hunger that may strike. Even though you may want to imbibe in bubbly all evening, it’s a good idea to have a glass of water handy. Be sure to stay hydrated during the day by bringing water bottles with you.

9. The Wedding Vows

Some people like to repeat their vows aloud, but if you opt to write them down, it’s a good idea to have a backup copy handy. You should provide a copy of your vows to a trusted friend or relative, whether you plan to read them or not.

Make sure to write down your vows and have a bridesmaid hold them during the ceremony, especially if you penned them yourself. This is the crux of the matter! It’s a good idea to bring the other supplies (such as the guest book, the cake knife, and the favours) to the venue a day or two before the event. That’s one problem off your list!

10. A Back-Up Plan For The Wedding

One must always be prepared for the unexpected! Bring along a little repair kit just in case something goes wrong on the big day. If you want it handy, have a bridesmaid or your wedding planner hold onto it. You now have a plan B thanks to our assistance.

While you hope that nothing goes wrong on your wedding day, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have a wedding day emergency kit in case of any minor fashion or cosmetic emergencies. This is a crucial step in the wedding preparation process that must not be overlooked.

A tote bag, a train box, or a sizable travel pouch are all suitable containers for your wedding day survival kit. Holloway suggests using anything from a Caboodle to a fishing tackle box to store your gear. The bride’s purse can also hold smaller accessories like gum, hand sanitiser, and an extra set of earrings.

Weddings are a joyous occasion that marks the union of two people in matrimony. This ceremony is performed as a public demonstration of love and commitment. In a marriage ceremony, two people pledge their undying love to one another and join their spirits. In a wedding, the bride and groom pledge to spend the rest of their lives together, or at least as long as their love lasts.

While families often decide for couples, most weddings are set up by the couple themselves. How they choose to celebrate their nuptials is based on their faiths, cultural backgrounds, and personal preferences. It’s one of the few long-term responsibilities you’ll have.

So that you can have the wedding of your dreams, here are some things to keep in mind while you prepare for the big day. To get started with purchasing your dream wedding dress from My Dress Box, contact them right now.


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