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IDX Real Estate

What is real estate IDX? Short for Internet Data Exchange, IDX real estate is a real estate marketing term that refers to the latest technology and person agreements between individual broker and your MLS online, so that they can post MLS listings on their respective websites. For example, an agent could list an FSBO (for seller) in his/her MLS listing on a website owned by a local Realtor. If the agent and the buyer both use that same website, then the buyer has the opportunity to see the listing first, and could purchase the property at that price if he/she intends to close the deal.

How a Free Home Site Can Help Your Real Estate Business

How does IDX work? All of the major MLS systems including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) now offer the capability to post listings to IDX sites. The reason is simple: the large brokerages have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade their MLS to accommodate the explosive growth of site visitors. Site visitors are the driving force behind all real estate transactions and should be able to easily view properties and browse through homes and communities.

What is the benefit for brokers? The primary benefit is that all of the top Real Estate Management Companies have entered into deals with IDX, including: Century 21, Smith Barney, Fifth Third, Allen & Ellis, Liberty Mutual, American Electrical Power, MCI Worldwide, CBRE, Comfort Universal, Eagle Rare, Packaging Rights, Betters Assorts and many others. These companies understand the value of providing easy access to their listings for site visitors, potential home buyers, and even for Realtors looking to view properties before making a commitment to buy. Many of these companies have taken the initiative to work with IDX to create fully optimized MLS landing pages for their members. In addition, several of the leading real estate agents have utilized IDX to post listings and property information across the country, for free.


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